Eco-Action Sustainable Production in Bregaglia

By being aware that nature does not provide us with endless resources, we feel obligated to handle nature and our environment with the utmost care.

Through our actions, we understand that the demands for a sustainable environmental policy continually change and increase. This is why we contribute with our innovative and efficient production techniques to spare resources and protect the climate.

Soglio Oekologisch

Sustainable Packaging

To protect the environment, we refrain from using secondary packaging whenever possible. Additional packaging creates additional waste – and there is no need for that.

Focused on the Essentials

Developing new products does not happen over night, good ideas need time to thrive – and so do well-tested and sustainable products!

Refilling Saves Resources

Some of our products are also available in large containers of 1 or 5 litres. With these you are able to refill your products on your own. This is practical and demonstrably saves money and resources.

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