SOGLIO’s World in Film

Production of St. John’s Wort Oi

The St. John’s Wort oil is one of our most precious ressources. Watch a short summary of its production, starting with the collection of the herbs, over the several weeks-long care of the oil as it takes on its deep-red colour under the sun in Soglio, until the careful control and manufacture into the according SOGLIO-Products.

Film: Walter Hunkeler

Buddleja for Body and Soul

Interesting facts about the butterfly bush (buddleja davidii), which is processed to a mild and soothing facial bath at SOLGIO-Products AG in Castasegna.

Film: Walter Hunkeler

From Coltsfoot to Shampoo

The big leafs of coltsfoot (tussilago farfara) are collected in Soglio, and used as the basic substance for the dandruff shampoo and the special shampoo “Gran Alpin”. Great amounts of coltsfoot can be found at the river stream Carrogia. Together with other precious herbs and ingredients, the leafs are processed to fragrant and soothing shampoos.

Film: Walter Hunkeler

SOGLIO und der Sport

Climbers, cyclists, hikers and mountaineers: for strained joints, tired muscles and stressed skin are SOGLIO-Products the right choice. This film by Walter Hunkeler shows you the ideal products for each form of sport. Especially worth seeing is a short sequence with Pascal Parrodi from the ARANEA climbing center in Schaffhausen, and Paul Niedermann in the “Maglia rosa”.

Film: Walter Hunkeler

Groundwork in Winter

During the winter months, the important groundwork for a successful mountain herbs cultivation begins. Hanspeter Mohler, who cultivates the mountain herbs in the SOGLIO garden and also collects them in the wild, shows us what this challenging work is all about.

Film: Walter Hunkeler

SOGLIO and the Sun

With Solar 7, SOGLIO consciously chose a low concentration of chemical filters and completes them with a tailor-made formula. Watch a short portrayal about its production.

Film: Walter Hunkeler

A World Record Attempt with SOGLIO

SOGLIO was a sponsor when Sandro Widmer attempted to set a Guinness World Records title at Bözingenberg in Biel. The plan was to cycle up and down the mountain, 52 times in 24 hours! In this time he completed a large amount of vertical metres. Here are some scenes of this ambitious project.

Film: Walter Hunkeler

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